Also got me to deliver some him some nasty images that he’s now blackmailing on saying he can upload them on Facebook and send to any or all my loved ones and buddies through the messager additionally stated he attempted hacking might work e-mail to deliver pictures to all the might work associates.

Hello I will be conversing with an individual, he said their name is terry Howell he has got a son name leo that would go to college on Turkey. He also ask us to get him 300 in iTunes cards 3 100.00 A birthday present to contact the schooland cable them 1200.for i didnt do it hes asking me personally to deliver their son in Turkey Power station 5, he even gave me the educational schools e-mail

I’ve been speaking with a man who additionally stated the sweetest of things He wants $900 and then he will delete all my photos rather than contact me personally once again.

I do believe the guy that is same in my opinion. I acquired warning flag appropriate away as he asked for 300 ITunes cards and called law enforcement. I was referred by them to an FBI website which had a questionnaire. My man’s title was Cedric Chapman. He had been “orthopedic doctor” employed by United Nations in Syria and had been a widower with a daughter in a Florida boarding college. It seems this is certainly some form of racket and may even be difficult for the statutory legislation to get with him. Cedric seemed become about 50-55 with a goatee type beard that is gray. They often steal other’s identity, though

i am unsure what you should do or locations to get relating to this. He could be additionally saying he will deliver images to my son’s college.

I experienced the same task happen in my experience they you will need to blackmail me personally too they said they post my picture online it be 3 months then having done nothing yet they desired 10,000 bucks i obtained them block i do believe was attempting to frighten me personally

Hey I’m sorry about that, however you don’t should be confused because first he won’t take action, and I also will give you 3 factors why he can’t,(1) he understands that’s a waste of the time to him with a capital letter word GO AHEAD AND DO IT, and see if he will not block and delete you if he wants to do that and it will cause him problem (2) he is tricking you to believe he has information about you (3) he knows he can be trace if he ever does that and it goes viral or escalate so for that reason he wouldn’t do it, just tell him

We necessary to read your message. I acquired scammed big style by a guy i will be positive is a Nigerian scammer. like in, we also received a phone call from Nigeria, once I guess they forgot to spoof the quantity. I had stop all contact on hangouts and e-mail, but yesterday i obtained a phone call and then text messages from a number in Illinois. I didn’t solution. after which i got more texts, listing names of people related to me today. He has got s pic of me personally he screenshot. I’m freaking which he might take action along with it, but haven’t answered to any such thing. Do you know the probability of him anything that is actually doing.

There are certain sites that if you provide the scammer enough info, she or he can work out who you will be and these websites could have the names of family relations, your target, vehicles you have got bought along with other home elevators it. You should be careful concerning the information you offer. It is known by me’s difficult and quite often We have made errors.

Hi! I am inquisitive just what title he utilized. We think I’m being scammed by supposedly a Sgt. within the Army, widowed, Jason White, who’s stationed in the centre East for some more months. We setup a email acct that is separate. because of this (dating stuff) thinking it is safer (could it be?) and have now linked some with him via e-mail. I did so deliver a few pictures. Next he wanted for connecting better via hookups but will not provide me personally time and energy to connect..just sends a little msg right here and here, does not react to my concerns. things go blank, which i am aware is apparently a scammer. Additionally, one of is own reactions included the term “omoge” and I also asked him exactly what that has been. No reaction. We googled it also it appears like it really is a phrase from Nigeria. I do not think I’ve offered any information which he might use, but have always been concerned with identification theft, etc. assist in once you understand things to do/look for and just how to locate a person that is genuine.

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